Debra Shigley for Deb's KitchenHi! I’m Debra Shigley. You might know me as the author of The Go-Getter Girl’s Guide, or as a television commentator appearing on the TODAY Show, CBS This Morning, CNN and other programs. And, I’m a home cook!

Deb’s Kitchen is a cooking show for busy people. These are recipes for real life.

As a wife and working mom, something I know a lot about is healthy, simple, delicious cooking. Like many of you, every minute of my evening is filled: dinner, bath time, stories, bedtime, emails, lunches & bottles for the next day, maybe (maybe) a quick workout or yoga, some time with the hubby and bed. Whew!

On the average night, I don’t have a lot of time—but I try my best to make dinner special. In Deb’s Kitchen, you’ll find tasty recipes that help you manage your time, your waistline– and your sanity. 

The show is filmed right in my actual kitchen in Atlanta, with my little ones Jacob, Elle and Levi hanging out in the background. My hubby Kevin often serves as Alpha Cook to my Beta Cook.

Thank you so much for joining us. I hope you enjoy these recipes with your family, too.

New episodes post every other Tuesday.


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